Video Conferencing

Improve Long Distance Meetings and Remote Communication With a TekMax Technologies Video Conferencing System


Audio Equipment

Audio equipment installed by a TekMax Technologies technician will guarantee a clear connection and true interaction between parties. TekMax Technologies has been installing audio equipment for over a decade and has the necessary expertise to provide our customers with top-notch audio equipment.


Visual Equipment

TekMax Technologies’s high definition visual equipment is always clear, accurate and perfectly synced to the audio in order to make your video communications as authentic and personal as possible. All visuals are transmitted in real time, with no lags or delays, to guarantee an interaction free from technical difficulties or interruptions.


Message Interpretation

Body language and tone of voice make up more than half of all communication. Video conferencing allows you to pick up on body language and tone of voice cues, whereas email correspondence and conference calls do not.

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How Will Audio/Visual Technology Benefit Your Business?


Authentic Interaction

TekMax Technologies’s advanced video conferencing systems provide real-time HD video, premium audio quality and authentic interaction between parties without any lags, delays or other interruptions.


Remote Communication

A premium video conferencing system aids in remote communication, especially with telecommuters. Video conferencing is also beneficial for companies that need to conduct interviews or hire staff remotely.


Reduced Travel Costs

If your company conducts business nationally or internationally, a TekMax Technologies video conferencing system will eliminate headaches by reducing travel costs and streamlining external communication.

A premium quality video conferencing system needs a quick, reliable network for optimal performance.

TekMax Technologies’s network installation ensures that your video conferencing system is streamlined, runs smoothly and is easy to use. Our expert technicians also make sure that all wires are organized and out of sight, so your office space continues to look clean and professional.

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