Home Automation System

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Home Automation System

Enjoy Convenience, Simplicity and Security with a TekMax Technologies Home Automation System

Home automation allows you to conveniently control your home’s media, lighting, climate, security and more from a single smart device. Automating your home comes with myriad benefits, including enhanced security, comfort and energy efficiency.

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Our home automation services are powered by Control4 technology. We are proud to partner with Control4 to offer you intuitive, easy to use and affordable home automation products.

Enhance Home Automation

Enhance Security and Save Money with Home Automation

Automated security systems keep your home safe without turning alarms on or off and alerting you when security breaches are detected. Including thermostats and appliances in your home automation system can also save you money on energy costs.

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A TekMax Technologies Home Automation System Is:



TekMax Technologies technicians understand that waiting around for a movie or song to load can put a damper on an otherwise good time. We ensure that our networks are speedy, because home audio/visual equipment should make life more entertaining and less stressful.

Easily Installed

Easily Installed

Our technicians are highly skilled and have over a decade’s worth of experience installing premium home networks. We pay great attention to detail and take pride in completing a job well done. A TekMax Technologies network is built to last and crafted with customer satisfaction in mind.

Simple Installation


TekMax Technologies networks are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, because automation should make an entertainment system more convenient rather than difficult. Additionally, our technicians are always more than happy to help if you need any assistance.

The first home automation system, ECHO IV, was designed in 1966 by Jim Sutherland.

The ECHO IV was able to perform many of the same functions as smart home systems today, including controlling temperature and turning appliances on and off. Home automation technology has advanced quite a bit since then and now encompasses security systems, entertainment media, home lighting and more. Despite these advancements, convenience remains as the fundamental purpose of home automation technology. We install home automation technology, because we love making our customers’ lives more streamlined and convenient.

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