SAVI Controls AV Automation System

TekMax Technologies is an authorized SAVI Controls Dealer. We are SAVI Innovators Club Members. We specialize in Commercial Automation Systems. From Sport Clubs to Conference Rooms, Tekmax Technologies can provide you with turn-key solutions that are not only easy to use, but are reliable.

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SAVI Controls

Introducing SAVI

SAVI Controls is changing business AV with a nicely planned, full-scale AV control and automation arrangement focused on conveying brilliant services to the end-client. SAVI 3 streamlines installation, programming, and expense across commercial projects.

Robust enough to support thousands of displays and sources, and so easy to program, SAVI 3 gets you in and out of jobs in hours – versus days, weeks, or months. Designed around the network, not antiquated technology platforms, our new AV automation system eliminates failure points, cables, and the need for additional devices across every job, saving you time and money. Check out all that makes up SAVI 3!

SAVI Hardware

Engineered to be highly reliable and robust enough to support thousands of displays and sources, the SAVI 3 hardware line was designed to work together to streamline installation and eliminate failure points, drastically reducing the number of cables and devices required per job. discloses security breach steroids australia for sale The Ultimate Guide To The Turkish Get-Up
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SAVI Hardware
Simple User Interface

Simple User Interface

Device Independence is a real thing. SAVI works on any device with a web browser: a tablet, phone or laptop. The customer gets to choose how to interact with the system. Imagine that!

SAVI Controls Videos

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