“My expectations were more than fulfilled by the trio that came to my home this afternoon to install a Terk HDTVo antenna on my roof. In particular, Noe Cruz was exceedingly professional and established a great rapport with me. He went above and beyond to understand my unique needs as an over-the-air antenna enthusiast. With his expert counsel, we discerned that the original scheme of a chimney mount were sub-optimal. So the plans were changed to mount the antenna on a J-mast at the peak of the roof. Along with Noe, both Ricardo and Jacob did a stellar job of routing the RG-6 cable and properly grounding the antenna. When all was said and done, reception improved remarkably. Even a tiny 300 watt facility transmitting from Cedar Hill now comes in reliability. In short, the professionalism, cleanliness and attitude of the crew was impressive. It’s no surprise that Tekmax Technologies has so many 5 star reviews.”