“Dow Chemical airs a commercial that celebrates “the human element” – the element that makes all the difference, the element that, when added, changes the chemistry of everything else. That is precisely what Ray Estrada does at each job serving each customer with unmitigated and unmatched dedication! Phyllis and I could not be more pleased with the sincerity, the extraordinary care, and the interest shown us by Ray. In today’s world, it is simply hard to find guys with that “old fashioned” kind of willingness to do whatever it takes to manage a tough situation and leave the customer smiling.

In short, Ray has the constitution and commitment of the very best service professionals, and he would readily satisfy those with the highest standards. He has worked for a number of companies acquiring a wealth of technical knowledge that has left him well positioned to install and/or diagnose and repair both high end security and customized audio-video systems. AT&T, Satellite Solutions, CompUSA, and Tweeter are just a few of the names in his impressive resume. I really think you should consider using him whenever your special customers have a need in his area of expertise.”